There is something unique about the fact that we only came together because we share a common disease, breast cancer. However, our shared experience of this disease is not a focus, because we’re here to recover, strengthen and row! This unique, unstated (but deeply empathized) understanding and support due to our breast cancer commonality is an invisible, but palpable, framework of strength.

An all-volunteer membership organization, WeCanRow DC provides a safe environment that supports members’ goals to try rowing as a new or continuing team sport. Most of us never rowed before we joined WeCanRow DC, but we’ve discovered the healing power of a structured physical activity, paired with the calming effect of being on the water.

Although breast cancer is not WeCanRow DC’s focus, we do offer a sympathetic setting for members to engage in conversation if one of us has a question or an issue or needs a resource. Our members are there to advise, support or give a helping hand or shoulder.

Our ages range from 30 to 70+, and our fitness levels span the full spectrum! We’re single, divorced, married, single moms, new moms, grandmas, employed, retired, or struggling to find work. In sum, our membership is a marvelous tapestry of women of strength, creativity and energy, who are committed to so many different things, among them health, fitness and enjoying the water!

WeCanRow DC is connected to a network of national and international teams of breast cancer survivors with a shared mission of bringing fitness, joy and friendship to its members through rowing.