By Pattie Cinelli, The Hill Rag Nancy Kellner was doing what she loved to do. At 44 she had a career that allowed her to travel the world, bring companies public, build and restructure businesses, and rise to partner and general counsel positions a... read more

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By Diana Price The sport of crew, or rowing as it’s sometimes called, is perhaps the ultimate team sport. When a team comes together, the effect of the oars cutting through the water is one of singular power and grace as the shell seems to glide over th... read more Written by Andrea Roane Early sunrise on the Potomac River… When the water is calm and peaceful, members of We Can Row DC are ready to launch. “They come in and they’re novices. They don’t know how to row or just have ver... read more

By Doris Parker President and Founder, WeCanRow DC October 2006 The dozen or so women gather on the porch overlooking the Potomac, as they do every week. They are breast cancer survivors who range in age from early forties to mid sixties. Some have had ma... read more