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Coach Bev Buffkin is a founding member of WeCanRow DC. In 2005, she met Doris and Nancy for a casual lunch, and the rest is history! Bev is a US Rowing Level II certified coach and assumed the head coaching duties for WCRDC in 2012 and takes us out for fabulous sunset rows on the most scenic part of the river.

Although diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, Bev came back to rowing after finishing chemotherapy in 2004. She rowed competitively for Potomac Boat Club and Alexandria Community Rowing, and also coached for Langley High School.

She was also a founding member of the JEB Stuart High School girl’s crew team in 1978. Bev rowed in college, for the University of Charleston and Marist College. After graduation she moved to Long Beach, CA, for an internship and rowed for Long Beach Rowing Association.

Bev met her husband in Long Beach, who whisked her away for an exciting life as a Navy wife and mom to two amazing sons.

In addition to rowing, Bev likes to run, ride her bike and bake. And she is very generous in sharing her scrumptious baked goodies with the members of WCRDC!