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Summer-time recreational rowing provides the opportunity for us to perfect our stroke techniques through land drills, on-water drills, and steady-state rowing. After completing a novice rowing season, you can join us for recreational rowing practices on the Potomac River in Georgetown. Our founding member, Bev Buffkin is now the head coach for this program which is held throughout the summer on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting at 6:00pm. During these practice sessions we aim for continuous improvement, but the goal is to enjoy the experience – the workout, the water, the wildlife, and the women who are pulling with you, sharing the journey…

As our skills improve, we like to challenge ourselves, so we have one practice each week for skilled rowers who are ready for a faster-paced practice or who want to prepare for racing. When there is enough interest, we usually race in a couple of local regattas each year.

Through the generosity of donors, we were recently able to expand our programs to include sculling.  We own a single and a double and keep them on private racks at the Bladensburg Park Boating Center in Bladensburg, Maryland.

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